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Residential and Commercial Heating and Cooling in Treasure Valley, Idaho

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Capital City Heating & Cooling is one of the valley’s last heating contractors earning your business through honesty, integrity reliability, knowledge and a great respect for our community.

With over 40 years of combined experience, we strive to make our services affordable for all of our clients as well as our newcomers. We also believe it is our moral responsibility to do a great job and provide our clients with excellent customer service that they can not only count on but they can believe in and be a part of as well as giving them the confidence to share our name with their family, friends and neighbors. We think it’s time and okay for people to start asking a little bit more of the contractors that come into their homes or businesses. We make it our ultimate goal to provide a memorable experience and build relationships with our clients that will last a lifetime. We are not in the business to make millions of dollars to personally put in our pockets, talk you into something you don’t need or give you false information, all we want is to provide excellent service to our clients that they can count on and trust every time not just once as well as a decent and respectable living for our employees that they can be proud of.


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Great tips to keep your furnace operating to peak efficiency and manufacturer’s specifications:

  • Change your furnace filter. Your filter is the first line of defense against damaging dirt and dust. A good rule of thumb is check then monthly, change them when they are dirty or you cannot see light through the filter material. A lot of service calls are related to dirty or clogged filters
  • Have your furnace serviced by a licensed HVAC company annually. This can help foresee upcoming failures and potential dangerous situations
  • Set thermostat to a comfortable setting. Turning your thermostat up and down throughout the day can cause your furnace to run more trying to catch up the heat loss if you turn it way down during the day when you are not home
  • Check vents. Vacuum and dust registers and return air grills and make sure they are not blocked by furnishings, floor coverings or window treatments


Financing Available!

Financing is available through CapEd Credit Union upon qualifying for a membership. Click the logo for more information.